Efficiently Packing a Storage Unit

The storage unit you intend to rent will function best if it is packed efficiently. It will save you money, and help the storage rental go smoothly. And it’s easy to achieve by following a few simple guidelines.

Packing materials should be used effectively. Boxes should be filled, both to maximize space, and to prevent tipping or collapse. Heavy items should be stacked on the bottom, and lighter kept on the top. This will make it much easier to stack inside the storage unit, and to retrieve things later. Similarly shaped boxes are best – to make them easier to stack neatly in the storage unit.

Larger furniture should go in the storage unit first, to make it easier to pack smaller things in and around them. Where possible, remove the legs from tables and furniture, or fold them up if they can, to help create space inside the storage unit. Fit all the furniture that you can into boxes, so there are less oddly shaped items in the storage unit – this can make it difficult to pack. The insides of wardrobes and drawers can be used to fit more boxes – but try not to put items in your fridge or freezer, as this might cause damage.

In the end, using boxes and packing efficiently is going to save you time and money. Take the time to mark out a plan, think about how you pack your storage unit, and your storage rental will become much easier.

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