Hire Storage Units

Moving house is one of the most challenging life changing events a person will experience in their lifetime both physically and emotionally.  Anyone already been through the process will agree feeling a stress similar to a relationship breakdown, divorce or starting a new job.

The inability to cope with change, stress can also be a result of high expenses incurred from moving.  The cost involved can range from household cleaning, rubbish removal, takeaway food expenses, random fees such as Internet connection and even have to take valuable annual leave days from work.  The move itself can be considered as the largest expense of relocating house.

Shipping containers and Superboxes are a easier and more affordable way to move.  Professional movers are on the high end of the pricing spectrum and renting a DIY truck to move yourself can also proof to be quite costly when the distance traveled between locations are taken into consideration, not to mention the time spent on packing the truck and unpacking as well as the multiple trips involved.

The solution to time poor individuals are to hire a shipping container or superbox where the unit is brought to you to pack at your own leisure.  Not only can the packing be done on your own schedule but the unpacking can also be done at your own pace.

When hiring a unit, you need to determine the right size that best fits your needs, taking into consideration all aspects including affordability, quantity of belongings and available space at your property.

To determine the space you will need you can use our storage calculator.

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