Inspecting your Storage Facility

Picking the right storage facility for your needs

Inspection of the storage facility you are looking to use is an important consideration in the storage rental process. Storage solutions will help create space in your home, can help you move house or even just help you get organised – but choosing the right storage facility is particularly important.

Size and Cleanliness are important

The size and cleanliness of the storage unit is one thing to consider. It’s best to inspect the space to give you a better idea of how much will fit, and how you might be able to pack the storage unit. It will also help you determine how much protection your items will need during storage rental.

Consider the services on offer

You should consider what services the storage facility provides as well. How experienced and expert are the staff.  Will they be helpful to you come moving day, or will you mostly have to figure things out for yourself? Will a moving truck have easy access to the storage unit, or will alternative arrangements have to be made once the truck reaches the storage facility? What kind of packing materials are provided by the storage facility –might it be cheaper to source your own materials?

Security at the storage facility

Security measures, how often the locks are checked, and who will have access to the key should all be assessed as well. What kind of insurance is offered by the storage facility? These are all questions that need to be considered thoroughly before you commit to storage rental. They will certainly make your experience with your storage facility far less stressful.

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